Egg- illustration friday


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6 thoughts on “Egg- illustration friday

  1. Almost in time for Easter! I love the detail in the background! Mr. Egg looks kind of menacing though! Where do you get these ideas? !!

  2. emily on said:

    Yes, the detail is great! I like how you did the flowers and the piano keys.

    • Thanks Emily! I had to do a google image search on piano keys since i didn’t know how many black keys are in btwn white keys!

      • Emily on said:

        Glad you did, because it turned out so well! How long did it take you to draw it? How did you learn perspective? What kind of pen and paper did you use? I just asked them to remove it, but I posted an egg drawing on IF myself. I like that there’s a topic and a deadline. I was thinking of doing a wordpress blog too. Is this a free or paid blog? It looks great.

  3. it took maybe 2 or 3 small drawing sessions. the basic drawing was done in an hour, then i kept coming back to it to add more details. couldn’t decide to add more textile details (wallpaper, carpets) or not. almost did the curtain textiles too, but decided it may be too much. I didn’t really learn perspective so I don’t think i’m ever right on the money with that, but also being a little ‘off’ is more of my style so it’s all good. I just used one of those Sakura micron pens that’s like $1.50 and regular old paper in a sketch book. Yeah, I don’t always do IF but sometimes i get in a groove and do few weeks in a row. It’s a good challenge, isn’t it? This blog is totally free for me, but i think there’s a version you can do that cost money too. it took me a while to figure out how to use it, but i like it. my mom even blogs with wordpress (she’s much better about keeping up with it!).

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